AIF Care Plans


No catch. At AIF we love what we do & want to provide a boutique and tailored service that meticulously cares for the property of the owner, building rapport and trust over time as we map out and record all the items that could go wrong in the home, accumulating a detailed report on all their licensed trades fixture, fittings & condition of each said part. This helps when coming to troubleshooting or repair/replace of parts.

Basic Service:

  • Check all operations
  • Check operations of indoor and outdoor units
  • Check and tighten all electricals
  • Check for signs of wear and tear
  • Check, remove and clean all return air filters
  • Check all drain lines for blockages and water build up
  • Check all remote controls and control operations
  • Check all air flows and vents
  • Check and clean externals of indoor and outdoor unit
  • Check refrigerant gas

Advance Service:

  • All of the above listed within Basic Service
  • Deep clean of coil with coil clean foam & brush out condenser coils

AIF service all of Melbourne & its surrounding areas, regional/rural areas are to be discussed & agreed to by AIF.

You can cancel your AIF care at anytime with no fees associated.

No, there are no refunds after your one-time or recurring subscription payment has been made.  You may however cancel at anytime.

No start up or cancellation fees, join & cancel anytime.

No, that is what is so special about AIF Care.  We have you covered.

You will be contacted on the same day of registering to AIF Care (weekends may vary).

Talk to the office at AIF about deals on more than 1 property.

An electrical safety audit report is conducted on all fixtures, fittings & appliances to  ensure the safety of the premises, bringing to attention any non-compliant, unsafe or damaged item and providing an on the spot quote to rectify any potential dangers.

As of 29 March 2021, under the amendment of the tenancy act, the rental provider must arrange an electrical & gas safety check every 2 years, although not a requirement for the general home, there are no insurance packages or offers to help protect the private home so AIF created a tailored service to protect the everyday home owner with 3 levels of care to cater for all homes, all sizes & budgets.

This report ensures that the plumbing work complies with all relevant plumbing laws and standards.

Every quarter AIF will be offering cash giveaways, vacations and tools to thank & give back to our loyal AIF Care members.

AIF does not conduct on-site quotes for free. If photos, videos and descriptions are sent via text or email these will be quoted as accurately as possible, for free.

It is a one-off service, for only one of the two services.

No, but our office will take this in to special consideration depending on the circumstances.

Feel free to contact our office for an example copy.

Get in touch.